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Contemporary Wine Racks For Your Holiday Gifts

by Cynthia on November 14, 2017

For your wine-loving family member or friend this Christmas season, give them something really unique and right up their alley. Since they enjoy wine as much as the next wine lover, we’re pretty sure our collection of contemporary racking pieces will bring an extra “ho” in the “ho, ho, ho” this Christmas. Here are some of our choice picks – compact, reasonably priced, and will definitely be a memorable holiday gift:

10-Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack

This beautiful wrought iron wine rack will make an excellent addition for any countertop in one’s home. It is hand forged to ensure a quality wine racking investment and is custom made to order. The intricate design is very elegant and will work with any existing decor in the home. You can even choose from a number of finishes to really customize the rack for your intended “giftee.” For a very unique look, try to go for the Ivory or Stone finish.

Desdemono Metal Wine Rack

Feeling quite generous this season? Then why not wrap up this gorgeous Desdemono Metal Wine Rack and put it under the tree for your special someone. A contemporary, hand crafted wine rack like this would make a great addition to any home. The personality of each piece of furniture created begins with the steel. The color, texture and rigidity vary from mill to mill. So with each order placed, although the dimensions of the iron remain the same, the characteristics vary greatly. The “creator” chooses not to see this as a negative, letting the steel dictate how it is going to perform and then pushing it to those limits.

6 Bottle Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

This is the original Vine Wine Rack and is an amazing space-saver. Inspired from the scenic landscape of the wine country, this rack is hand made for each order here in the United States and can be still be customized further to your liking. This rack can go anywhere in one’s home – the kitchen, the dining area, and even the living room. Your bottles will be displayed to maximum advantage, looking like art pieces and great conversation starters, thanks to this rack.

3 Bottle Corner Suspended Wine Rack

Now here’s a present that any wine lover will certainly want to have! This wine rack can be suspended from a corner, making it super space-efficient. It is also inspired by the scenic landscape of wine country, especially the vineyards. This wine rack is fun and quite special – so wrap it up and put it under that tree for your loved ones this Christmas.


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Wineglass Brands For Your Holiday Parties

by Cynthia on October 31, 2017

The holidays are sneaking up on us super fast! 2018 is actually just a couple of months away. It’s pretty surreal how time really does fly by. But for sure, all the amazing memories this year, especially of wine, good food, and good company will always be remembered. Let’s not write off 2017 so soon though. Christmas is fast approaching and well all know what that means – festivities and more festivities! That also means an abundance of what we all love – wine. So if you’re going to be doing a couple of holiday parties this year, we’d like you to check out these wineglass brands. They’ll make pouring and tasting your favorite labels twice as fun!

Jillery Glassware

First up is the Jillery Glassware collection. The whimsical yet sophisticated designs for this glassware brand are truly one-of-a-kind. Once you pour wine for your guests in a Jillery wineglass, they will definitely remember the experience to heart. What’s even better is the fact that the wineglasses are all hand-crafted from recycled aluminum. That makes these beauties eco-friendly as well.

Riedel Glassware

Nothing says “class” like the Riedel Glassware collection. Riedel crystal is famous for its long history of glass designs shaped and molded according to the characteristics of wine. This particular brand is exclusively designed by Claus Riedel. He was the first person to deign glassware in this fashion: functional and elegant. That’s why the wine world calls him the inventor of “functional glassware.”

Sassyfras Boutique

Want some sass in your holiday parties? Then these glasses by Sas is the way to go! Sassyfras Boutique boasts of a collection of unique, hand-painted glasses with fun colors and fresh ideas. The designs are colorful, vibrant, and can be personalized in several ways. That’s why they also make awesome holiday gifts for wine lovers of all ages.

Leslie Glassware

Variety is the foremost characteristic of glassware coming from this collection. The Leslie Glassware delivers a cornucopia of colorful, hand-painted glassware, from wineglasses to champagne, to martinis, and more. The designer combines class with some fun, pops of color, giving the products from this line a youthful vibe. There are also customization options available with this brand.

Bottega del Vino

Together with, the Bottega Del Vino collection exudes elegance that is unmatched. The glasses from this series are lighter, stronger, and clearer than traditional crystal glasses. Bottega Del Vino wine glasses are desired for their lightness and balance while maintaining an amazing durable and dishwasher safe stem. As far as it is known, Bottega Del Vino was the first company to produce wine glasses using crystal made without lead.

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Learning The Properties Of Wood For Your Wine Cellar (Part 1)

August 15, 2017

Your wood choice for your wine cellar project is certainly one of the things that will make or break it. You have to go for quality wood that is worth every dollar you spend for. There are so many varieties out there so you need to choose wisely. Random decisions are definitely highly discouraged, especially […]

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Custom Options For Commercial Wine Displays

August 1, 2017

Displaying your bottles in your commercial wine establishment should be done in such a way to grab customers’ attention and actually attract them enough to buy. That’s why here at WRS, we have custom options that can help you achieve that purpose. These wine displays are designed  to store your wine bottles safely while showcasing […]

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Choosing Your Champagne Glassware

July 18, 2017

Just because you’re a certified wino doesn’t mean you can’t play hooky every now and then. A glass of good champagne will always be a welcome change, especially when you’re craving the bubbly. So it’s also recommended to stock up on some proper champagne glassware. Using your wineglasses won’t cut it because a champagne flute […]

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Shopping For Your Glassware Storage

July 11, 2017

Taking care of your glassware is just as important as taking care of your wine bottles. You need a place to keep them secure and away from accidental breaking. Of course, it also goes without saying that you also need to showcase your choice glassware properly. And in order to do so, you’ll need the […]

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The Silver Series: Custom Yet Affordable Racking

June 27, 2017

What’s better than a custom wine cellar? A custom yet affordable wine cellar, that’s what! Sounds too good be true? Not when you know what kind of racking units you’re going to purchase. WRS always makes it our primary goal to provide quality and functional wine cellar racks and accessories that will work with the […]

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Choosing Your Wine Cellar Cooling System (Part II)

June 13, 2017

Happy Tuesday, winos! While it’s not officially Wine Wednesday yet, we’re only a day away from that and that’s why we also love Tuesdays. Now last week, we talked about the various wine cellar cooling systems you can choose from to maintain proper storage conditions in your wine cellars. WRS has a pretty good selection […]

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Choosing Your Wine Cellar Cooling System (Part I)

June 6, 2017

The month of June is here and with it comes much warmer (and can we say hotter!) days ahead. It’s time to make sure your wine bottles are kept nice and comfy with the proper wine cellar cooling system. You’d be glad to know that here at WRS, we have a wide selection of wine […]

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Insulation And Vapor Barrier For Your Wine Cellar

May 30, 2017

Top of the week greetings to all of you wine lovers out there! We’re down to the lat few days of the merry month of May aaand the end of the Spring season. Summer is literally just around the corner so better get those wine cellars all prepped for some hot summer wine parties. Now […]

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