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Unique Wine-Themed Holiday Gifts

by Cynthia on November 29, 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! Only twenty-five more shopping days to go before Christmas. The pressure is on and for sure, the last-minute holiday rush is going to get crazy. So if you want to avoid that, what better alternative is there than online shopping? Afraid that your purchases won’t make in time? Then do your shopping with us here at WRS because we are dedicated to expediting and delivering your orders in a timely manner. Many of our items are available for immediate shipment, even during this very busy season. That being said, browse our selection of unique wine-themed holiday gifts and load up those online shopping carts now!

Hand-crafted Wine Racks

Sure, giving bottles of wine to the winos on your holiday list will make them happy, but why not change it up a bit this year. Try these gorgeous hand-crafted wine racks instead! They are designed by world-famous artists who make it a point to give the racks distinctive designs. We’re certain that your wino family and friends will be absolutely delighted to receive something so useful yet unique this Christmas. Choose from any of these gorgeous collections:

Wine Barrel-themed Furniture

Our wine barrel furniture pieces will give your home the same comfortable enjoyment as the wine you drink. We have been exerting more effort to reuse and recycle help and do whatever we can for Mother Nature. By choosing our wine barrel furniture for your holiday gifts, you’re doing your part to go clean and green as well. That and your “giftee” will surely love these elegant and very durable pieces that are reminiscent of the charm of wine country.

Hand-Painted Wine Glassware

Everyone can always use another wineglass or two…or three, or four! But don’t give them just a “wineglass,” give them one of these beautiful hand-painted glassware from the WRS catalogue. There are tons of designs to choose from and the best part is that a lot of them can be personalized as well. You can customize the artwork on the glass and even have short and sweet messages with important dates etched.


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Wine Cellar Humidification: Do It In Style!

by Cynthia on November 15, 2016

Maintaining proper wine storage conditions for your wine bottles is an indispensable task. It’s the only way to ensure that your bottles will reach their peak taste and you can enjoy them for years to come. The ideal wine cellar humidification range for a wine cellar is 55-75% relative humidity. This is a very crucial step in preserving your wine collection. Take note that humidity in a wine cellar also keeps wine bottle corks from drying out, preventing them from losing their sealing capacity.

That’s why apart from the standard wine cellar cooling system, one should also consider humidification accessories that will be able to introduce humidity in their wine cellars. This is especially essential when you’re building your wine cellar somewhere other than the basement of your home. WRS has a healthy selection of  these wine humidification fountains and accessories. They are an attractive, simple, and affordable way to introduce humidity into a wine cellar.


Copper Bottle Water Fountain

Let’s start off with this beautiful Copper Bottle Water Fountain. This unique fountain is hand-crafted and sports an intricate design. The colors on the grapes and leaves are created by applying heat and acid to the copper. It is sealed so the material will not age in color or tarnish. Note, however, that a bottle is not supplied with this fountain so you will have to supply your own. It is ideal for tabletop or countertop spaces and there is some assembly required.


Grapevine Copper Water Fountain In Brass

Here’s a great and cheaper alternative to a full-blown water fountain in your wine cellar.This decorative copper fountain is hand-made which makes it quite a special addition to your wine cellar. Like the Copper Bottle Water Fountain, the colors on the grapes and leaves are not painted – they are created through applying heat and acid to the copper. You will appreciate how the colors of this copper fountain will complement the various shades of wood wine racks, particularly those that we have here at WRS. Also, you will love how low-maintenance this water fountain is!


Grapevine Copper Water Fountain In Burgundy

This is basically another variation to the Grapevine Copper Water Fountain In Brass. You will notice that the colors carry soft tones from deep pink to burgundy, making the fountain really eye-catching. Like all our other water fountains, this is crafted from durable and stylish copper that won’t tarnish. Moreover, both this and the brass model can either be just placed in a tabletop or countertop space or wall-mounted for more space efficiency.



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Holiday Gift Guide For Winos

November 8, 2016

Woot! The Christmas holidays are sneaking up on us super fast! It’s time to really get down to business and prep that holiday list. If you haven’t even started on yours, then we highly recommend that you get going. The mad rush during the holidays is not to be underestimated. But for our fellow winos […]

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Storing Your Stemware In Style

October 25, 2016

Happy Tuesday greetings, winos! We’re indeed feeling the Fall weather now and cozying up indoors always seems like a great idea, especially on weekends. That being said, we’re also pretty sure that a lot of wine tasting parties are going to be held indoors from now on. And as far as these indoor wine tasting […]

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Specialty Glassware For All Occasions

October 18, 2016

Looking for something other that standard wine glassware? You’ve come to the right place! WRS is a haven for winos because we carry not just quality wineglasses but also other specialty glassware to suit whatever taste teaser you’re planning to serve. Our selection is varied and fun and it’s about time you guys explore them […]

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Celebrating Champagne With The Right Glassware

October 4, 2016

A good glass of the bubbly at the heart of the gorgeous Fall season – who can say no to that? For sure, popping and pouring Champagne will be one of the highlights of drinking parties this season. But you can go to it one better and make the tasting experience even more memorable. How […]

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Exuding Elegance With Mission Style Wine Furniture

September 27, 2016

If you haven’t heard of our Mission Style Wine Furniture yet, then it’s high time to get acquainted with this collection. Adding a piece or two to your wine cellar will definitely add an attractive and elegant charm to it. Each piece in this collection has been painstakingly hand-crafted by wine cellar furniture artisans. So […]

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Design Your Dream Custom Wine Cellar

September 13, 2016

As a true-blue wino, it’s about time you invest in designing the wine cellar of your dreams. And if you’re worried that budget issues might get in the way, it’s about time you take a better, longer look at what WRS has to offer. Building your dream wine cellar doesn’t have to cost a fortune […]

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Invest In Artistic Wall-Mount Wine Racks

September 6, 2016

If you’re just looking for something to store a few wine bottles in and not to outfit a formal wine room, then go for wine racking units that can provide some artistic flair as well. Our recommendation? Invest in beautiful hand-crafted metal wine racks! WRS happens to carry a healthy selection of these artistic wall-mount […]

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More Value For Your Wine Stores With Island Wine Displays

August 30, 2016

It’s our last blog post for the month of August! Fall is just around the corner so let’s give Summer a warm adieu with some commercial wine racking goodies. Now one of our most popular commercial wine racking styles is definitely the Island Wine Displays. These racks are versatile, stand-alone racks that can also be […]

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