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Stylish Racking Choices For Your Wine Cellar

by Cynthia on February 21, 2017

Tired of the same, standard-looking wine racks in your wine cellars? Then it’s time to get an upgrade! There are several ways to refresh your wine racking arrangement without busting your budget. All you need to do is invest in more stylish racking choices. WRS has you covered as far as this is concerned. We invite you to browse our expansive selection of wine racking units that can add that much needed touch of fancy to your wine cellar projects:

Wine Bottle Waterfall

Instead of just storing your wine bottles the usual way, give it a bit of a twist with the Wine Bottle Waterfall. Your bottles will be arranged in a cascading fashion with this wine racking unit and really display them in a unique manner. The Wine Bottle Waterfall is actually a popular racking model, combined with a peninsula or display island where you can also prep your favorite taste teasers. You can find the waterfall option in series such as Vintner and Designer and in the custom lines – Platinum, Gold, and Silver. There is also a Double Waterfall Wine Rack option!

Individual Diamond Bins

Depart from the standard Diamond Bins and invest in Individual Diamond Bins instead. This is a more dramatic way of storing your wine bottles individually. You can find this in most of our collections such as Vintner, Designer, and WineMaker, as well as all of the custom lines. You will see how inspiring wine storage can be with this gorgeous addition to your wine cellar, kitchen, or home bar. Store dozens of vintages in a most attractive and space-efficient way. Buy two or more to stack one on top of the other and create a totally unique storage space for your collection.

Curvy Wine Cubes
Stackable Mix and Match Contemporary Wine Cube for your home
Of course, what better way to create a truly distinct silhouette for your wine cellar than with the Curvy Wine Cubes. By stacking Concave and Convex Cubes one on top of the other, you can come up with a curvy, sexy profile for your wine racking assembly that’s truly eye-catching. Plus, the ergonomic configurations of the cubes make for easy assembly, installation, and incorporation with other racking elements in your wine cellar.


So why stick to “standard” when you can go “stylish” but functional!

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Valentine’s Day Selections For Wine Lovers

by Cynthia on February 14, 2017

Happy Hearts’ Day, wine and wine cellar lovers! What will you be pouring with your special someone tonight? Since it’s officially the day of love, we decided to trot out some V-day inspired products that can definitely make this month more memorable. Check out some of these romantic WRS products and spread the love:

Hearts & Love Glassware

First up are these beautiful Valentine wine and martini glasses! The hearts design is really on point and the pale pink background on the glass definitely gives these glasses a whimsical feel. But here’s the best part – these glasses can actually be customized with a special name, year or word on the stem. Having them personalized will make them truly memorable gifts for your loved ones on this month of hearts.

Heart-shaped 6-Bottle Metal Wine Rack

For your special someone who is a wino at heart like you, this Heart-shaped wrought iron wine rack will make for the perfect V-Day gift. This piece is unique and superbly crafted. Made in America, this decorative hanging wrought iron wine rack is hand made for the highest quality. It would make a nice addition to any kitchen, dining area, or even your living space. Note that this piece can also be customized to your liking!

Bolero Metal Wine Rack

This gorgeous, contemporary, hand crafted 8-bottle wine rack makes a great addition to any home – especially your special someone’s. The personality of each piece of furniture created begins with the steel. The color, texture and rigidity vary from mill to mill. So with each order placed, although the dimensions of the iron remain the same, the characteristics vary greatly. The “creator” chooses not to see this as a negative, letting the steel dictate how it is going to perform and then pushing it to those limits. It is both a wine rack and a work of art!

Flourishing Fields Hand Painted Mural

This stunning masterpiece is created on canvas and can be painted in acrylics or oils, depending on your choice. The muted but beautiful colors really bring to life the scenery and will definitely give any wine cellar that needed artistic touch. This will certainly make for a super special gift this month of hearts, particularly for your wine-loving significant other. Note that ach mural is hand painted to order therefore the lead time varies.




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Full-Depth Racking With Vintner And Designer Kits

February 7, 2017

Hello there, February! The month of love is here so why don’t we start spreading it by showing some love for our wine cellars? For sure, a lot of you will be holding your Valentine’s Day get togethers with some enjoyable wine tasting. So let’s talk about how you can provide full-depth racking for your […]

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How To Get Started On Your Wine Cellar Project

January 31, 2017

Just how fast can time fly? January has already come to an end and tomorrow, we welcome the month of love! Well, since we’re all pretty much aware of just how quickly the days go by, it’s high time to start some serious planning on that wine cellar project. 2017 should be the year for […]

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Moving Up The Racking Game With WineZone Wine Shelf

January 17, 2017

It’s the start of a better year, wine cellar-wise! Time to move up the wine racking game both in your homes and commercial establishments. Whether you’re looking to just start a wine cellar project, expand or renovate an existing one, this racking system is one of your best bets to get maximum bottle storage out […]

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Affordable Wine Cellars With A Flair With WineMaker

January 10, 2017

“Budget” wine racks and wine cellars will definitely be dominating the scene this year. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to go with the more affordable option, especially when prices on almost everything these days are nowhere near dropping. But there’s no need to raise those eyebrows over “budget” wine racks and wine cellars because […]

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Welcome 2017 And The Rise Of Urban Wine Cellars

January 4, 2017

Happy New Year, wine and wine cellar fans! 2017 is here and the time is ripe for all things new, fresh, and creative. And by creative, we definitely mean your wine cellars. So what’s in store for us this year? Well, we at WRS would like to call this year as the turning point for […]

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More Last-Minute Holiday Gifting Ideas

December 13, 2016

It’s the last spurt before Christmas, fellow winos! Crunch time is here and you’d be glad to know there is actually a better alternative than joining the mad horde in the malls this weekend. You can still get that holiday list completed and do it from the comforts of home by checking out these unique […]

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Unique Wine-Themed Holiday Gifts

November 29, 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! Only twenty-five more shopping days to go before Christmas. The pressure is on and for sure, the last-minute holiday rush is going to get crazy. So if you want to avoid that, what better alternative is there than online shopping? Afraid that your purchases won’t make in time? Then do your shopping […]

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Wine Cellar Humidification: Do It In Style!

November 15, 2016

Maintaining proper wine storage conditions for your wine bottles is an indispensable task. It’s the only way to ensure that your bottles will reach their peak taste and you can enjoy them for years to come. The ideal wine cellar humidification range for a wine cellar is 55-75% relative humidity. This is a very crucial […]

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